Virtual Clarinet Resources for Band Directors

Since so many students are home with virtual learning for 2020-2021, I would like to support Bb soprano and bass clarinet students and band directors as best as I can during this challenging time. Here are the following free resources that I am offering through The Clarinet Project:

Both Bb Soprano and Bass Clarinet Resources

Three times a month I host Ask a Clarinet Teacher Live Streams on YouTube. These live streams are a great way for students to ask me their clarinet questions and get advice. Think of it as a free virtual masterclass. Many times clarinet teachers and band directors show up as well to ask me specific questions to help their students. There are also band directors who have students attend theses livestreams and write up a report about what they learned as a supplement to their band curriculum. Please have your students subscribe to The Clarinet Project YouTube channel so that they get notifications about upcoming live streams so that they don't miss them. 
Occasionally I also host live streams on The Clarinet Project FaceBook page and Instagram account.

Sheet Music
I have many free warm-ups, songs, exercises, and scales sheet music pdfs available at The Clarinet Project MuseScore page, most of which have video tutorials on how to play them.

Not just fun memes and videos, The Clarinet Project Instagram posts tips and tricks to improve students' clarinet-playing, product reviews, interviews with influential clarinet players, and product giveaways such as reeds, ligatures, and sheet music.

The Clarinet Project FaceBook page shares informational articles, important or interesting upcoming clarinet events, and product reviews and giveaways.

Bb Soprano Clarinet Resources

Send your new students here. In these detailed videos for first-time clarinet players, I will show them how to properly put their clarinets together, put on the reed and ligature without breaking the reed, play their first notes, how to articulate correctly, and learn their first few songs.

Mini Lessons
The Clarinet Project features short clarinet mini lessons on fundamentals such as embouchure, playing high notes, hand position, and much more. This playlist is updated regularly with new technique and fundamental videos.

Scale Tutorials

The Clarinet Project YouTube Channel has dozens of scale and arpeggio tutorial videos showing students the correct fingerings and technical tips such as correct hand position and common mistakes and where to watch out for potential squeaks.

Play Along Duets

Updated frequently, Play Along Duets offer students the opportunity to virtually play along with me, a professional teacher and performer.

Song Tutorials

Song Tutorials are the meat and potatoes of The Clarinet Project. From classics like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to modern favorites like the theme from "Star Wars," each song tutorial still incorporates technique and fundamentals training such as tips for good embouchure, cleaner articulations, and efficient practice techniques to name just a few, all while teaching fun songs to students that make them feel confident, inspired, and excited about their playing.

Bass Clarinet Resources

Send your new students here. In these detailed videos for new bass clarinet players, I will show them how to properly put their bass together (very important for bass clarinets to keep them from getting damaged!), play their first notes, and learn their first few songs.

Mini Lessons
Just like the Bb Soprano Mini Lessons (and many of these translate to bass clarinet), these mini lessons cover proper bass clarinet fundamentals and technique.

I hope that these resources and videos help your students, and please email me if you have any suggestions on videos or how I can help support your virtual learning program more.

I do offer online private lessons and group classes, as well as online sectionals for your band program.

If you like the work that I am doing and want to support me more, please visit my Patreon page. Thank you!