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Pope-Leighey House Build

Posted by Catina Franklin Sweedy on November 24, 2016 at 12:55 AM
Minecraft Build: Pope-Leighey House

In this lesson we will learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, usonian architecture, and Loren Pope. Students are encouraged to use this as a guide and enhance this project with their own research. We will be furthering this lesson with a field trip to the Pope-Leighey House in Alexandria, Virginia. 

The Pope-Leighey House: (This is also the website where you can schedule a tour and has more pictures of the house).

Frank Lloyd Wright: (This is a long one. I haven't watched the whole episode yet). (Great music with this one).

There is a book entitled Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids. You can access the ebook here:

Check out the Frank Lloyd Wrightcraft page on Facebook. There is an entry with a Pope-Leighy build.

Usonian Architecture:

Loren Pope:

Vocabulary Words:

(Please indicate the origin of the word too).







Follow-Up Questions:

Would you like to sleep in the bed designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?

How many chairs were in the house compared to your house?

Would you like to have that bedroom? To share that room with your sibling(s)?

Is there enough room in the bedroom for all of your belongings?

Compare the kitchen to the kitchen at your house.

Why did Frank Lloyd Wright choose these particular building materials?

Would you want to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright House? Why or why not?