What Parents and Students Are Saying



 "We had the best time playing the theme to Super Mario Brothers! Thank you for picking such cool music!" A.

"Thanks so much for the Audition Class!  When I saw that the kids really had to do an actual mock audition, I thought oh no, R. is going to kill me for having him do this and on a Friday night even! He gets so nervous about auditions. I was dreading the "teenager wrath" that I was sure would come as we walked to the car.  But.... he loved it!  He said he really liked doing the mock audition and feels much better about the audition tomorrow.  He is in a really good mood about it. Amazing!  I knew he would benefit from it, but never expected him to actually "like" it :)  So thanks again for working your magic!!"

"Dear Catina,
You have been so wonderful in your teaching and in your support of E. and M. with Solo and Ensemble!  I feel that we can never thank you enough for all that you did for E. when she isn't even your regular student!   Through this experience of working with you, she grew musically so much!  By now, you have probably heard the details of their performance and how happy they are to have scored a 1, but I just wanted to say that I was so impressed with their poise and professionalism, much of it, due to you!  
A Happy Parent"


 "Thank you so much for all of your help! I know it really helped because- I  MADE DISTRICTS!!!!!!!!"-Kiley J.


 "Just wanted to let you know how much both boys are enjoying the lessons.  R. said tonight that it was "really fun" and he "didn't want to leave"! That's amazing for a teenage boy!   R. says its fun and I can tell that he feels very proud about going and has such a confident attitude about him when we are driving home.

So thank you so much for making the lessons such great experiences for both boys!"



When P. came out of his lesson on Wednesday he was smiling ear to ear and he had the spring back in his step!   He has taken some hits musically the last half of the year, beginning with All State.  It is so nice to see him regain that spark for learning and playing his clarinet, especially when I know how much he loves it!"- J.O.


Dear Mrs. Sweedy,

I made it in!  The audition went really well.  On the Rose I made almost no mistakes.  It was possibly my best run that I have ever done.   Surprisingly he only asked me for two scales and no Chromatic or Sight Reading.  On Carmen, I messed up a little bit on one of the trills and the rhythm on one section.  But he asked for that part again and then he seemed very satisfied with it once I re-did it.  The audition was in a massive room with wooden walls, ceiling, and floor which made me sound awesome!  But there was a one second delay that threw me off a bit, but I still made it through. Practice starts today.
Thank you so much for helping me out,